Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, the Drama! The Moral of the Story is Hot Men.

None really going on, but somehow I am feeling pretty dramatic.  So tonight, I created a list on MySpace music called "Drama Songs".  It's all guys who specialize in deep thoughtful singing, standards and power ballads.  It just feels right.

I guess I am feeling melodic and melancholy at the same time.  I am looking for that intense feeling that only a drama song can bring.  O.k., maybe I am just toying with the idea of dating again. ;)

The warmth, the depth, the intensity - yep, oddly I think I just nailed it.  And I didn't even have to pay Lucy a nickel.

But who?  Quick list (top of my head of course) - Gerard Butler, Jon Bon Jovi, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Viggo Mortensen, Zachary Levi, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Josh Holloway, Will Smith, Clive Owen,  Ryan Reynolds, Eric Bana, Chris Pine, Michael Buble and Chris Bruno.  The list isn't complete, but should launch a thousand knowing smiles.

A couple of things about this post:

1. I didn't really start out to write about hot men.
2. What does this have to do with being healthy?  Sex is good for you!  People who have more sex, live longer - I swear, it's a scientific fact, Google it.
3. Apologies to the wives of the married men above, but this is a fantasy.  I am not some over-tattooed tart stealing Jesse James from America's Sweetheart Sandra Bullock! (P.S. - also good for health - venting, helps relieve stress)
4. To the single men on this list, please feel free to leave a message, I will be happy to respond. :)  Since there are only about 7 of you (I think, I don't really read the tabloids so I could be behind), I believe this server can handle the traffic.

Well, I feel much better actually.  Melancholy gone, over course it was overrun by lust, but hey, whatever it takes.  Sweet dreams!  I know I will have them. ;)

Yours in health,

P.P.S. - Here are pictures of the above named, couldn't help myself. Tee-hee. 

BTW - I held back and only posted them clothed.  Though I must say it was harder to find pictures that way.


You're welcome!

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