Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away - And don't come back for at least two weeks

I have been in a bit of a funk this week. (I hate being a girl - though only for one week now and then. ;)  )  Not sleeping well, my knee hurting and a feeling of loneliness combined with the rain and I am just a bit of a mess.

That being said, I believe I am muddling through relatively well.  With the exception of yesterday, I have been able to muster a smile and a can-do attitude, as usual. 

But the rain, as it pounds away on the skylights at the office tonight, is wearing on me.  Every drop, every melted snowflake draws the flooding closer.    In fact, we are due to get some form of rain every day until at least Sunday.  Our rivers are already swollen and set to rise above flood stage in key locations over the weekend.  We are already under flood warnings for low lying areas of the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers and a flash flood watch for all others. But if the rain doesn't abate, it could get much worse.

I bought supplies today in case a few key employees have to spend a few nights here keeping the public aware of flooding concerns.  I have been through this before, luckily this time though I have my partner-in-crime, Jay, to take some of the burden. 

Still, my mind is not far from Bill Stowe and all of the area public works people who are tasked with keeping us safe.  I imagine it feels pretty lonely for them as well, standing and staring at dikes and looking for water measurements and wondering what's next.  This thing could go either way.

Here's hoping the sun will shine come Sunday and stay that way dawn to dusk for the proceeding couple of weeks.  It will dry out the land of Iowa and my attitude.

Yours in health,

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