Thursday, March 11, 2010

January/February Intuition Magazine Article

Now that the March/April edition of Intuition Magazine is hitting the stands today, I can share my article from the last issue.  You can find the new issue at about 300 locations around town - see our website here.  Otherwise, here is the article that began my journey again.

Walking a Mile in My Own Shoes - Jan/Feb !ntuition Magazine

I used to weigh 260 pounds. I used to weigh 150 pounds. I weigh 260 pounds. Those are hard words to write – but nothing but the truth will do.

A quick background:  July 2006, I began an 18-month journey of eating right and exercising, and went from 260 pounds to a healthy, happy 150 pounds. Then, things began to fall apart. October of last year I injured my knee, in December/ January I had a cancer scare, I injured my knee again in the spring, I had knee surgery in July – and I ate my way through every stressful moment while being banned from exercise.

Now, I am back at the beginning, morbidly obese and miserable.

So, it’s time to begin again. My plan (this time), is to follow the plan from last time and become even more of a knowledge junkie with regards to exercise and healthy eating. Only to mix things up I am going to seek out new things to help. For example – I am terrible at 'positive talk' – I am the first to be 'mean to me'. My answer? I am going to talk to an expert about meditation.

This column will follow my journey to health. In between Intuition issues you can read about my efforts to fight the fight that millions of Americans fight daily – to beat obesity – by visiting my blog. Feel free to stop by and share your stories too, because weight-loss journeys can be quite lonely without someone to share the road.

So, there you are.  That's as blunt and honest as it gets.  :)  Check out the new issue to see where I am.

Yours in health,

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