Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Energy

I was bad this morning - I had an apple fritter.  Yes, about the worst of the donuts, was my snack during a meeting.  At least it had a fruit in it. {blush}  Embarrassing AND bad for me, lovely.

That being said, overall I have been eating much better.  The amount of vegetables and fruit I have been pushing into my diet are helping.  Plus, I am remembering to take my vitamins and iodine to help my thyroid.  In fact, I was in a really good mood yesterday, despite a bad night's sleep.  Today I am feeling pretty good as well. 

I want to lose all the weight again.  But more than anything else, I want my energy and smile back.  I was so go-go and smiley people thought I was high.  Don't care, I was happy.  So, I am working to get my happy back - the butt is just a bonus.

Yours in health,

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