Monday, July 14, 2008

Crap! Did I accidentally get a life?

Nope and yes. I have actually kind of created one and become poor at time management simultaneously.

I was looking back and I haven't blogged since Wednesday. I have intended to. Even thought I had at some point over the weekend, but alas, no. Sorry about that.

Thursday I worked, took a nap, worked out, went back to bed. A long week had me wondering if I was getting sick, so I did a little taking care of me, unusual, but effective. I was ready to go on Friday.

Friday - work, workout, clean out car, create toga, go to toga party. Yep, you read that right - I went to the Art Noir toga party at the Des Moines Art Center. It was fun and my date, Bret, was not only very hot in his toga, but game for the whole experience, which made him sexy as hell.

Astoundingly going was my idea. Two years ago me in a piece of barely there cloth in public would NEVER have happened. Not in the privacy of someone's home and sure as hell not out in public! Despite my hard work, I was still nervous as I stepped my sandaled feet into the hall, but I got over it and had a great time.

Saturday - I had slept like crap because I forgot my sleeping pill, so coffee and I were close. It was rainy, but I was interested in watching Bret play soccer, so I threw on jeans and headed to Indianola. He's pretty good for a guy who says he really didn't know about soccer until a couple of years ago. We parted ways and I went to work. Then I went home and crashed. I had taken my workout clothes with great intentions of hitting the gym, but my lack of sleep hung like a wool trench coat in August, so I reconsidered and hit the hay.

It was a good thing because my suggestion of renting a movie and doing dinner at Bret's house was optioned. We watched "Bourne Supremacy" and had a healthy dinner. Somehow, for the second time, forgetting to eat the not-so-healthy popcorn I had brought along.

Sunday - I slept in for the first time in I have no idea how long, it felt great. Then I went to my mom's and went for a quick walk and did some core work. Then we had dinner and that's where I spiraled out of control. I literally made my self ill. Mom made this really healthy dinner and I ate too much of the rice. Then I followed that with WAY too much of the not-at-all healthy dessert she made.

I was, in fact, so ill I couldn't go to meet my dad at a movie for his birthday. Instead I went home and tried to settle my stomach and crawled into bed at 4:45. Sadly, almost two years in, I am still capable of a binge. Admittedly it doesn't take as much now, but it's still sick and pathetic that I can overdo it like that.

Speaking of which, my two year anniversary in the start of this journey is Friday. It will have been 731 days since I started making changes that have added up to big successes. Tomorrow I will begin the countdown to that day, looking back and then finally Friday, looking forward.

Yours in health, Kate

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