Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One = 300

I promised last week that I would give the blog a reboot and I am following through. I have reintroduced features over the past couple of days. Now today I was finally able to do something I have waited months to do. Blogger finally introduced a feature to allow me to merge my blogs.

I started one called "Losing it in Des Moines" as a way to put into words the things that went along with weight loss. I kept reading how it was a great tool to purge yourself of some of the things that make you eat crap and otherwise abuse your body. It was pretty effective.

Then when I took on the endorsement of my gym about this time last year I started a new blog - this blog. I wanted something a little more technical sounding and more professional. At first I tried to make the two work in tandem, one personal, one professional. However time and reality set in and I realized I couldn't do both. So "Get Healthy with Kate Garner" became a bit more personal and the other LIIDM became dormant.

I've just let it sit there because Blogger hadn't introduced a tool to migrate the posts. I would have to cut and paste them all. I did that with a few, but it was time consuming. Finally today I was able to do it in 2 minutes flat! That is just awesome! Thank you Blogger!

With the merger of the two blogs you will be able to see just how much has chanced in the last 18 months. (I now wish I had been blogging from the beginning to really see the pain of the first 6 months.) What you will also see, with this post, is that I am celebrating my 300th post! That's a lot of writing, kvetching, confessing and weight lifted - literally and figuratively.

Thank you to everyone who has been a loyal reader. I promise more posts and more new stuff to come. It's going to be a great year three!

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

PS - Since I mentioned the number 300, what would this post be without another example of Gerard Butler's fine abs from that film? Yep, pointless.

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