Monday, July 28, 2008

From the beginning... Find the Fiber

When you are fat and people talk to you about cutting calories and eating less, you panic. You picture starvation. You picture the binges you are prone to when you get too hungry. You picture shopping sprees of pure sugar when you go hungry to the shopping market. You picture failure - like every other time you have tried to lose weight.

Then people talk to you about how to feel full longer. The big thing they mention is fiber - you picture twigs and wood chips - aka some version of bran. You think of Metamucil and old people and possibly prunes, but not a damn thing that sounds appetizing.

Frankly when I realized I was going to have to really do it this time - control my eating - I panicked. I had never been able to do it before, what could possibly be different this time? Fiber.

I was skeptical, it sounded healthy. (Guess what? Not a coincidence.) The stuff we are supposed to eat - vegetables, fruits and whole grains - are full of fiber. Not only do they fill you up with this magical (natural) substance, but they give you other nutrients you need and (gasp) they are pretty darn tasty.

I was shocked. And what I found was, the more good stuff I gave my body, the more it craved. The next thing you know I was full longer, healthier and yes - lighter!

So, fill up on the fiber and see what a difference it can make. (Oh and it's also good for helping ward off colon cancer - bonus!)

Yours in health, Kate

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