Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gratitude in Your Attitude

I have had a rough 11 days. I was told a week ago last Monday that I was being repurposed. That's what I am calling it because, even though it happens every day in radio, I am not being fired. Instead they are letting me keep my news/ public affairs duties and I will be repurposed into helping in other ways.

Now, I already do a number of other things, but what I am hoping this will accomplish is giving my over all job clarification. Just to be clear, I am not mad. I have known from the word go that I was in a forced situation. Sometimes things just don't work out and that's o.k. I am thrilled to be able to keep the news.

But as you can see, I do not have a specific direction just yet. That is causing me some major stress issues. Those in turn are causing my eating to falter. (O.k., I know that's an excuse.) And it's causing my sleep to dissipate. (That's a fact.) I hope to have some answers soon, but I am just trying to muddle through in the mean time.

In all of this I had to remind myself this morning to be grateful. Simply acknowledging that there are good things at work in your life, even when things seem to be falling a part is important. People have been asking me constantly how I feel about this. This morning I concluded - grateful. I am grateful I am still employed, I have benefits, I have bosses that believe in me enough to repurpose me, I get to keep eating and have a roof over my head.

I am grateful for good friends who have been there for me via text, e-mail, phone and in person. I am grateful for the chance to reflect on what is important. I am grateful to be alive.

So, no matter how bad something seems, like eating that third piece of birthday cake or skipping your third day of workouts - it could be worse. Be grateful for the successes and learn from the failures. Remember, to be cliche, there is no success without attempt and rarely is the first one successful.

Your in (mental) health, Kate

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