Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Am 2 Years Old Today

July 18, 2006 - people ask me, 'Why that day?' The simple answer is - I don't know.

It was a Tuesday. It was cloudy. It was hot. I stepped on the scale and it said 260. I sighed and simply stated, "I guess I better do something about that." That's it. No big sweeping declarations, no plan, no event I 'had' to lose weight for - it was just time.

Now two years later I am floored that I have made it this far. I wander between 102 and 110 pounds lost depending on how well I eat, if it's my 'girl time', if I looked at cake wrong... It's a constant battle and struggle.

At first, like many people I thought I would get to a point where I would be 'done'. I quickly realized you are never done. It's not a diet or exercise program, it's a lifestyle - it's forever.

I have never felt better physically and mentally than I do today. Sometimes I still do not recognize myself when I catch my reflection. And the woman I am now is happy and confident. Not because I am thinner, but because I love myself in a way I never have before.

So it has come and gone, my celebration of turning two is over. Monday I will talk about what the next year will hold as I work my way toward three. :)

Yours in health, Kate

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