Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John McCain is Messing with Me

Yesterday I was going to sit down and flesh out my two weekend posts, then write another post about the new plan trainer Traci and I have created. But alas, an e-mail from the McCain presidential campaign wiped that out.

They invited me to be the only local radio reporter to travel in the motorcade - very cool. The problem is, the invitation was extended on Sunday, so I had to wipe out my schedule for yesterday and today, because that's when he is here! A little notice would have been good, but I will make do.

However, that means this brief note is all I have time for today. So, I promise to update the other two and tell you about the plan tomorrow.

BTW, the only workout I got in yesterday was walking to keep up with presidential campaign staffers and members of the secret service. The bonus? Being in better shape means that's possible! (Those people are quick - but then I knew that.)

Yours in health, Kate

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