Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charley Horse - Ouch

I was planning a easy workout today, because I was a good girl and did some form of exercise every day on my vacation.  But now I will not be working out because I woke up this morning with a massive Charley horse.  (BTW- I looked that term up, no one can agree on its origin.)  But I know what it is - painful!  I hate waking up with one.

Poor Mischa the cat was like, "what did I did?" as I writhed in pain.  One of the biggest things I have found, and yes this is hard, is to relax as much of my body as possible and the cramp will start to subside.  Wait a few minutes before rubbing it or it may spasm again.

Further treatment includes ice and warm baths.  The latter can include Epsom salts, but be sure to that it won't interfere with medications you are on or an existing condition - examples: pregnancy, thyroid problems and heart conditions. 

Charley horses tend to happen when your muscles are overworked.  I have been working out a lot, but I think what I did yesterday was what set it off - I wore cheap flip-flops all day.  My feet demand arch support, but yesterday I was in a hurry and forgot to bring my real shoes with me.  I had my $2.50 flip-flops on because I was going to get a pedicure.  Well, my day went of the rails and I ended up being in the cheapies for more than 12 hours.  All of that squeezing by my toes, arches and calves, led to riding the Charley horse.

Oh, well, lesson learned. 

Today I am going to dinner at my mom's and run errands.  Tomorrow it's back to work and I will tell you why my day ran off the rails yesterday - and it's a good thing.

Yours in Health,

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