Thursday, August 19, 2010


I sometimes lose track of myself during weeks like this.  I am gratefully preparing to be away from the office for 11 days.  Bad side, the preparing.  Making sure everyone has what they need while I am gone and that nothing falls that I needed to pass on.  So, between the lack of car and time, no workout today.  Though, I am going to do laundry and some yard work tonight.

I am going to Minneapolis Saturday and Sunday for a wedding a one day vacation. :)  Then it's back to Des Moines for the remainder of my time off.  I am excited because it means I can make time to workout every day without having to work around someone else's schedule.  Plus, I will have my car back and my freedom will be awesome.

I have plans to home improve next week as well.  And check out some places within driving distance in Iowa that I have wanted to see, but never make the time.  More than anything I am going to sleep - I feel like this is one of the things missing from my fitness regime.  That and forcing others to do as I want - AKA, let me alone so I can workout.

Well, I better keep plugging away so I can get home to do what needs done.

Yours in Health,

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