Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting my Geek On!

Today is day two of non-stop work and I love it!  Let me explain - yesterday it was the LITE 104.1 Listener Lunch in Ames - 500 well-fed happy people.  Then straight off to the thing I am REALLY geeking over - a behind the scenes visit with the executive producer of Antiques Roadshow and one of the appraisers.  (I will be putting together a special edition of my Sunday morning talk show "Information Iowa".  It will air next year when PBS airs the show from Des Moines.  I will also be writing a special article for Intuition Magazine about antiquing next year with one of their world-renowned appraisers as my source.

Today it is the STAR 102.5 Mustang or Money giveaway at Gabus Ford.  Then on to a behind the scenes look at how Antiques Roadshow comes together when there are people who want to know what's worth what.  My parents were lucky enough to win tickets in the lottery for appraisal, so they will be there this afternoon as well.  I am really stoked, I hope I see someone get another million dollar appraisal!  Probably not, but if you love history like I do, you will appreciate what I am talking about.

After my visit to A.R., I am going home to mow and trim the yard.  I think my back can take it and if it can't, I promise, as I pointed out yesterday - I will stop. :)

Yours in Health,

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