Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walking a Cat is Harder Than You Think

I spent the weekend in Minneapolis. My first step out of the state in 9 months. I had fun at a family wedding and was able to spend Sunday with an a friend from another life. Did a lot of walking. Figured it out and I easily did 12 plus miles, not bad.
Yesterday I just rested. It was the official first day of my vacation. I am not used to having time off, so it was a little surreal to take a nap yesterday and sleep in today. What's that? LOL.

My workouts are in full gear. Met up with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center yesterday and she put me through my paces. It was a weights, band and steps. Thanks to Kristi and all of the work we did before, I can do a 2 inch step now. I know that doesn't seem high, but when you are going up and down for a full minute, it could be bad. I survived well though.

Today Gwyn put me through a water workout. Lots of laps, jumping jacks, running and more, all in the water. I appreciated it because all the walking I did this weekend amassed in achy limbs this morning.

After working out with Gwyn I went to a meeting and then came home. My furry boys decided they wanted to go outside. So, I had bought a leash and harness a couple of weeks ago and decided to give them a try. Mischa was perplexed. He wanted to go for a walk, but the leash was not what he had in mind. When I was letting him run back in after he expressed distaste, Obi-Wan escaped, so I took that as a sign to try to walk him. He was a little more into it, but he kept stopping to eat grass and hiss at people, so it didn't last.

When we were all done, pushing and pulling to complete a quarter block walk, I was sweating and the boys were freaked out and considering not escaping again if it meant being on a leash. Naturally that won't keep them from trying.

Well, I better go to bed.

Yours in Health,


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