Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Admit Defeat

My back still hurts from kettle bells on Monday.  My doctor informed me yesterday that I should try something less strenuous to strengthen my back and then try the workout again.  She is a sage woman and I will be following her advice.

That's hard for me to do, even with the pain I am in.  I don't like to go down in defeat.  I like to crush through, take the pain and figure things out on the other side.  That's why I worked out hard the last two days.  Today however I realized I was probably elongating recovery, so I just went for a walk and I am going home to do laundry - which with our stairs is also a workout. ;)

I wanted to write this tonight to remind you all of something I have to remind myself of from time to time - pain sometimes means stop.  I explained it to my mom the other day as, "There is push through and try a new move/weight for your body pain ('good pain') and then there is the look on your face now - bad pain."  We all know what bad pain is - cut your hand, drop a bowling ball on your foot, get hit by a car - but we sometimes aren't paying enough attention during our workouts to recognize it.

I was playing tough girl on Monday, panting and wheezing and saying, "I'll be fine, give me a minute."  I should have said then, what I am saying now - "My body has informed me that this is a BAD idea, I will stop now and give up a man card."

It's simple really, your mom has been saying it for years - "Do you want to do it just because everyone else is doing it?"  Okay, usually that is a bridge, but you get the idea.

Yours in Health,

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