Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My New Baby

I teased that my Saturday went to hell because I was shanghaied, this little minty baby is why.  I am now the proud owner of a 2011 Ford Focus!  Roomie Lori keeps calling it 'pistachio', which is technically accurate, but probably not the name I will ultimately choose - cars have to show a personality first. :)

My Mom and step-dad Bruce were the catalysts for this new purchase and were awesomely helpful - so yea to them!  We agreed with my brother Gordon on the precipice of going to medical school, he would have no time to keep nursing Bertha the Buick along to her inevitable end.  

I was hesitant, because it's a big purchase and a big decision and I had not done any research.  My parents just called and informed me, "We're car shopping."  Well, I couldn't very well let them go without me, since the vehicle would be mine.

We ended up at a dealership that will remain nameless, but the sales guy talked himself out of a sale by becoming more and more rude and belligerent.  The capper was when Bruce asked for a breakdown of the figures and the guy snatched the paper out of his hand and went, "Ugh, I guess I will HAVE TO DO THAT THEN!"  We stood up and walked out.  I was literally sick to my stomach after that and wasn't sure if I wanted to continue.

My parents pressed on and we went to Dewey Ford in Ankeny.  I wanted to be Ford for a number of reasons:  they didn't take Federal bailout money, the dependability is second to none - I have owned Ford and non-Ford and the former has been in the shop MUCH less and I believe if Ford can weather this economy so well, it will be around to maintain my car for its lifetime.

To say Dewey was much better was an understatement.  Their commercials say, "Do we treat you better?  We do, Dewey Ford" and yes, they do.  From the moment we met up with salesman Chris Leo to the after market rep to the finance lady to a sales manager, the experience was pleasant and best of all - above board. They showed us the invoice, we negotiated on a few fees and we had a deal.  They even searched for the best interest rate out there - not just Ford Motor Credit.  

Now I have a safe, reliable ride that can get me wherever I need to go!  Including, of course, the gym.  My new Focus has delivered me swiftly the last couple of days to the YMCA Healthy Living Center to meet with trainer Gwyn.  That's one of the best parts, I get to take care of me, while giving little thought to my car.  This is so refreshing.

Here's the picture:

Cute, huh?  So, thank you again to my brother Gordon for seeing me through to the end with the Buick.  Thank you to roomie Lori for lending me her car, often.  Thank you to my parents for helping me with a great deal.  And thank you to Chris Leo and the gang at Dewey Ford for an honest deal that helped me walk away with a smile, not a stomach ache!

Yours in Health,

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