Saturday, August 14, 2010

State Fair Friday Report

First, let me say I got a surprise today when I called my mom and she was at the State Fair with my nephew Caelen.  I love him so much and he was having the kind of fun we should all have.  He was eating ostrich sausage and looking forward to seeing the big steer.  He will be 7 in less than a month and everything is interesting at that age!

Me?  I went to the State Fair yesterday afternoon to work the Komen on the Go booth for LITE 104.1.  It was really fun meeting people and helping educate them about breast cancer.  The lady from Komen national paid me the nicest compliment, she loved the way I worked the crowd and thought maybe I worked for the local affiliate.  That's my specialty, I assimilate information, it's like I am the Borg.  :)

As for the food - the downfall of all fair goers?  I did really well.  I had my turkey tenderloin sandwich from the Iowa Turkey Federation grill.  It was so good!  I mean I am sitting here not thinking about it.  It was moist and flavorful and one of the healthiest things you can eat at the fair!  I also had a little fried rice, two crab rangoon and took some kettle corn home to snack later.

Overall, I think that's not bad.  I was mainly intrigued by the fact that I wasn't even tempted by fried things on a stick or deep fried vegetables.  Although, to be honest, it may have been because I didn't have my partner in crime with me.  When Lori and I go this coming Friday, it may be different.

Well, I better go, I have to go find the items that will be featured on the cover of the next !ntuition Magazine and I have no idea what it is yet.  LOL.

Yours in Health,

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  1. Let me just tell you that boy was only interested in the rides - which were off limits! LOL! We did our traditioanl pork chops on a stick, and he and his dad shared a frozen banana - but nothing fried for us either. LOTS of walking, and a lot of fun in the old telephone office, showing him how to make a phone call before cell phones. He was fascinated by the "phone booth" and wanted to know if there were any more of them around.he said all of the cool stuff went away before he was born!