Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cup of Tea?

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Starbucks.  In fact, I was given 4 gift cards from the 'Yum from Seattle' for Christmas.  I often get oatmeal for breakfast, sometimes a low-fat breakfast sandwich for lunch and a dose of non-fat latte after a hard workout.  Well, welcome to 2011.

I still want my Starbucks, it's just a little different now.  I started slowly decreasing my caffeine intake when I ended up in the hospital in November.  They were trying to figure things out and caffeine briefly was brought up. Taking no chances (and after 36 hours without caffeine in the hospital), I decided to slow down what I drank.  I won't go through the steps I took to ween off, but suffice it to say, I am down to less than one cup of actual coffee a day.

Instead, I am enjoying tea.  I have been drinking a cup or two a day.  That cuts my caffeine intake substantially, but actually keeps me steady.  Plus, tea is actually good for you.  Here is a link from the Republic of Tea that hits on some of them.  And the picture on this blog is a new tea from them that is decadent in sound, but healthy in reality.

The brief is: tea is high in antioxidants and flavonoids.  It has been connected with overall better health, better sleep, helping fight cancer and even obesity.  It is a good substitute for your morning wake-up needs.  So, as the British say, "Have a cuppa" and enjoy better health.

Yours in Health,

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