Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soup's On

It's cold.  It's Iowa in January, but still, we're going for a low of 1-below tonight and a wind chill around 10-below, awesome.  That has led my household to seek the warm solace of a great bowl of soup.

Lori, the roomie, is really into this book by Anna Thomas called "Love Soup".  I love soup too, so Anna and I would get along famously!  The greatest thing about soup is that it's one of the easiest dishes to make your own.  Admittedly if you skip something here or tweak something there, you won't get the chef's exact intentions in your pot, but who cares if you like it.

Earlier this week we had Cauliflower Bisque, the link to this recipe mentions "Buttered Breadcrumbs", I didn't get those, but then again, Lori is trying to support my healthier habits.  It really was tasty and surprisingly mild, cauliflower can sometimes have more bite than you would like.  One tip:  we made it with cream cheese, when we do it next time it's going to be goat cheese.  (And then it will be perfect.)

So, I challenge you to go out find a soup that suits you.  There are so many wonderful low-fat or low-calorie soups to be had.  From chili to chowder and everything in between, you can keep warm and be satisfied this winter.  The bonus:  Most recipes make a ton, so you have lunch or dinner for most of the week.

Yours in Health,

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