Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom Delivers Her Own Baby In Pickup

This is not what I normally blog about, but I love this story.  It's a good example of the power of a woman.

Heather Bell was in labor with her fourth child on New Year's Eve, so she and her boyfriend headed for the hospital.  The contractions were 7 minutes apart, so they would be there just in time.  But the baby had other ideas.  One huge contraction later and Heather knew he was coming.

She pushed and he came right out.  Heather caught him in her hands in the front seat of the truck as it whizzed down the highway.  She wiped his little face and he started crying.  A few minutes later they met paramedics outside of Story County Medical Center.  Mother and baby received initial treatment and then took an ambulance ride to Mary Greeley where they are both doing just fine.

The baby is Nico Dodge, he had a different middle name until he was born in the family pick-up.  He weighs in at 5 pounds, 1 ounce and is expected to be released soon.  See the full story here.

And that's the power of a woman.  Heather didn't panic, she just dealt with what life was giving her.  In the end, delivering her own baby - pretty impressive way to start the New Year.

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