Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Post with No Name

Today and today were those random days where a lot happened...

The day started after a not great night's sleep thanks to Sheldon the kitten.  His kittenhood will be the one I will not miss when it's over.  The other 'kids' were much easier, although Lori the roomie would argue that Mischa was worse.  You see Sheldon has decided that anything on my nightstand should be on the floor after dark.  So every night he comes in and knocks things off, one at a time, if it rolls he will chase it.  If it doesn't, he moves on to the next thing.  If it finally wakes me up (always) he jumps in bed, wants a cuddle and then tries to draw blood when I start to nod off and the petting slows.  Good thing he's cute. ;)

Once up, it was on to a meeting with readers of !ntuition Magazine.  Enjoyed hearing their feedback, good and bad.  We can't be better without constructive criticism.  Thanks to those ladies for sharing their Saturday morning!

I went to grab a healthy lunch - veggies with tofu at the new Thai restaurant in East Village.  It's called 'Taste of Thai' and one star is plenty spicy for me.

Then on to an adventure trying to rent "Despicable Me" - 6 Redboxes and a Blockbuster kiosk later, I went and bought it.  It's a really wonderful movie and I will watch it enough to justify the purchase.  I took it over to my dad and step-mom's and we watched it.  I had a small bowl of popcorn with a few M&M's - don't mock me, it was today's treat. :)  My brother Gordon came down when we were about to start the movie and he was sick, he went back upstairs to lay down - this is important for later in the post.

After the movie I was suddenly incredibly tired.  I was supposed to go to the Iowa Energy game, but I realized if I didn't get a good night's sleep, I would be useless in the morning.  I went home, ate some soup and curled up to finish a book.  Then I grabbed another book and headed upstairs.  I have a new sleep regimen I will tell you about next week - it's all part of being a healthier person.

Well, I was just about to nod off and my mom called.  It's 9:45 p.m., mom doesn't call that late unless there is a problem.  My father had taken Gordon to the hospital.  Mom said I didn't need to go to the emergency room and said she would update me.  I sat in bed groggy, but with a growing ache in my stomach and a rise in adrenaline.  There was no way, no matter how tired I was, that I would be able to sleep with Gordon at Lutheran.  So, I threw on clothes and headed out.

A couple of hours later they had run tests - blood, cat scan, etc.  They still don't know.  But they sent him home with pain meds, anti-nauseau stuff and an antibiotic.  Hopefully he's sleeping right now.  Gordon doesn't get sick, so it freaked me out.

Now, I am at work because I couldn't sleep.  I am doing a few things and then I will go home after while.

I know this was the most useless post, but I needed to write it out.  So, this is the Saturday/Sunday post and tomorrow (Monday), will be a new recipe - with the lovely cold weather and snow, we will find healthier comfort food.

Yours in Health,

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