Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy + Stressed = Junk Food, But Don't Give Up

Today has been one of those days where I had to do my job and the work of others.  Now, I am sitting at work at eight o'clock at night again, trying to finish my own.  Strike that, trying to just put band-aids on things until tomorrow, when I can finish.

All of this has led me to stress eat.  I ordered Chinese delivered this afternoon as I saw everything unraveling.  I knew I would be here late again and I justified it that way.  Team that with the fact that being so busy left me no time for my workout with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center and I am unhappy.

And just now?  I took a deep breath, sighed and let it go.  That's what you have to do on the days when 'it' doesn't go the way it should.  'It' being the healthy plan you have carved out for yourself.

We have to let it go, because to be honest, we are too busy not to.  If we don't just mark today off and reaffirm our commitment for tomorrow, we will be lost in a downward spiral.  One meal of junk food can easily lead to the mindset that, "Well, I ate that, I might as well eat this...".  That's how we have gained and lost and gained and lost a thousand times.  We weigh ourselves down with regrets.

So, the next time you have a day like mine, let it wash away.  It's just one day, one meal, one workout; it is not how you are going to live.  No, YOU are going to live healthy, don't give up!

Yours in Health,

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