Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is Here - Let's Talk

It's a new year, thank goodness.  2010 was a year of health issues for me and I am praying 2011 will be health-drama free. Especially because I have plans for a better and brighter year.  I plan to follow through on long dormant projects and work harder to become a healthier me as well.

I am sure you have similar plans.  So here is my reminder to you - we are in this together.  I am not some woman on a blog-island, I am out there every day trying to get it done, just like you and would love to hear from you.  I want to know your goals, your successes, your failures and how you pick up again and keep going.

Communicating these things can be a great help for a couple of reasons - it gets it off your chest, so you can move on AND when you put it in writing, you have a better understanding of what happened.  Therefore, I highly encourage you to share this year.

Here's to a great New Year!

Yours in Health,

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