Friday, January 14, 2011

January/ February !ntuition Magazine on Shelves Now

My latest baby has been born.  Or at least that's what it feels like each time !ntuition lands at newsstands for you to enjoy.  Each issue is handcrafted, sweated over and given much love.  I hope that's what you feel when you pick it up.

As always a reminder, they go fast, so grab yours while you can.  Here's a link to our website, so you can find a place to pick it up.  And the cover you are looking for.  Aren't these two sweet?  I was ready to stay, they were both a lot of fun.  Of course, once again, Paige Peterson did a great job on the photography.

This is our First Anniversary Issue!  My column issue is about taking hold of 2011 by the collar and making it mine.  You will find other great articles that should help you do the same.

Next up: 'Feedback and a Snack', a meeting with a few readers in Des Moines to look at what the future holds for the magazine.  If you are just dying to be there next Saturday, because you are an avid reader of !ntuition, hit me with a message and I will hook you up.  Just a note:  I have limited room.  :)

Yours in Health,

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