Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat Breakfast!

Personally, I love a good bowl of cereal, some oatmeal or a low-fat breakfast sandwich to start my day.  In fact, I am very cranky if I don't have breakfast and crash by 9 a.m. - which inevitably leads me to the vending machine or whatever cake has been deposited in the break room.  If I want to be a healthier person that will not do, hence why I make sure I eat breakfast.

Yet, not everyone is like me.  I was talking to a friend yesterday that insisted she was never interested in breakfast.  I reiterated for her the long list of benefits of breakfast: jump start your metabolism, clearer thinking, management of blood sugar and possible weight loss, to name a few.  When I pressed she came clean, "I hate cereal."  Ah, well then, that's not a problem.

I went looking for a list of tasty, non-cereal, options for her.  I admit, not all of them are quick-as-you-are-rushing-out-the-door (nice long hyphenation) but you can take a few minutes the night before is they trip your trigger.  Click here to land at Prevention Magazine - Enjoy!

Yours in Health,

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