Wednesday, September 22, 2010

!ntuition Magazine - May/June Column

Today we continue with my past columns in !ntuition Magazine.  This is May/June and introduces a new aspect of my life.  If you want to find the current edition, September/October, look here for locations to pick-up or come to our offices at 1416 Locust St in downtown Des Moines, we have them in the atrium.  

Life’s Journey By Kate Garner

Meet “Team Kate”

I am a stubborn person.  I can do it myself – no matter what it is.  I am Superwoman!  I am up to 270 pounds and that’s proof, that I am… wrong.

Like many people, after a measure of weight loss success, I got busy.  Translate that to mean – ‘no longer time for self, ooh, is that a brownie?’  Needless to say, it was time to admit defeat. 

And then serendipity. At that same time I was ready for help, the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center and their home, the YMCA Healthy Living Center, were looking for someone to help them get the word out about their combined effort.  They saw !ntuition and thought I would be a great choice.  I researched them and they are a great choice for me too!

Now, Superwoman has allies in her battle to be healthy.  A quick introduction:  YMCA Physical Therapist Kristi with able assistance from Kara and Ed; YMCA Personal Trainer Gwyn with a hand from Lisa; Nutritionist Katie with her back up team at MWLNC.

You see, that’s the awesome thing about this new facility, it’s medically integrated.  I do physical therapy for my knee in the same building where I workout.  Plus, I always have my nutritionist down the hall for questions.  This is the only place in Iowa with every weight loss option AND workout guidance under one roof.  It is my hero. 

So, look out world – no more platitudes.  Instead, controlled calorie intake and five workouts a week.  My calendar has an appointment on those days that says, “Time for workout”; it should really read, “Time for change”.

Our May/June Cover Models
Tomorrow it will be the July/August column.

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