Thursday, September 23, 2010

!ntuition Magazine - July/August Column

Today we have the final installment of my past columns in !ntuition Magazine.  This is July/August and continues my new life path.  If you want to find the current edition, September/October, look here for locations to pick-up or come to our offices at 1416 Locust St in downtown Des Moines, we have them in the atrium.  

Life’s Journey By Kate Garner

On the Road Again

I feel so much better when I workout.  You forget that when you are ‘off the wagon’.  You forget that it boosts not just energy but self-esteem. 

I am working out five days a week at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  Three of those days are with my rockin’ trainer Gwyn, who in the process has introduced me to kick-boxing, which equals awesome!  The other two days I go it alone, and I like that too, because it proves I am committed. 

As for food, it’s my struggle.  I am taking a class called Intuitive Eating at the Mercy Center for Weight Loss and Nutrition Center.  The idea is, basically, to take your eating habits back to when you were a kid – you ate because you were hungry and you ate what your body needed.  (Example – Milk or an apple sounded good, so that’s what you ate.)  This was before anyone said ‘clean your plate’ or ‘you must like beets’.  The class is helping me listen to my body better and not beat myself up as much about food missteps; though I am still making plenty of them.

And that’s the most important thing I am reminded of – I am not perfect.  I didn’t become obese overnight and I won’t lose the weight overnight.  But with help from ‘Team Kate’ and a belief in myself, I can go down the road to health again step-by-step.  And even catch my reflection in the window on occasion with pride.

P.S. – I weigh 257 lbs (a 13 lb loss) and have gone down a pant size and bra notch!

2010 Outstanding Women You Should Know
So, now you are all caught up, except for the current issue, which is on stands now.  Tomorrow I will tell you what that issue is all about - VERY important for women - and give you a taste of my crazy week.

Yours in Health,

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