Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Not Feeling Well

I have not been feeling well for weeks, but I get sick of saying I don't feel well... yes, sick of being sick.

Finally, I went to the doctor yesterday and she did a full blood panel.  The good news?  All my blood work is great.  The bad news?  I still feel like total crop - tired, nauseous and achy.  Be clear - I am NOT pregnant!  LOL.  Sorry, every time I mention how I feel, someone gets a gleeful look and says, "You know..."  No, I do know.  As my mother says, "You have to be exposed first."  Indeed.

So, because my symptoms are so non-specific, I just have to wait and see if I feel better in a week.  If not, it's on to a different doctor.

But this won't stop me from working out and eating right.  The upside is my appetite has been greatly squashed by this.  I am not even craving junk as often happens when I get sick.

I didn't workout today because of my schedule, but I will be back in there tomorrow.

Yours in Health,

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