Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Grays

The remnants of a migraine started my morning, which felt right because of the haze that was laying on the city.  Sadly I missed my friend Colleen's wedding last night because of it.

I blame a combination of bad lights, a loud crowd at an event where I was broadcasting and the thunderstorms for the headaches onset.  Oh well, I have been taking reports all day and everyone says Colleen was beautiful and the wedding was great.  If I had been directly involved in the ceremony, I would have dropped way too many drugs and gone anyway.  But, as I was gratefully just a guest, I knew I wouldn't be missed.

I worked this morning and midday and then headed to my last volunteer shift at the Planned Parenthood Book Sale.  The book sale has been quite a workout, especially today.  Tons of walking, lifting and organizing.  Which is good, because my head wasn't quite ready to swim this morning.

Yours in Health,

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