Thursday, April 3, 2008

Doing the Splits

No, this is not a post on pulling my groin. If only I were limber enough to do that amazing Shawn Johnson move. Alas, this is a post about putting your back behind 'making time'.

The number one excuse used for skipping exercise is that people "don't have enough time". Well, I am here to call you out. The truth is, if you are at an unhealthy weight or have a penchant for pizza, you have to MAKE time. My point, if you are overweight or eat junk, your body needs help staying healthy and viable. Exercise is the easiest way to have that happen. (We'll address the word 'easy' on another post.)

I will give you two examples of 'making time' to be healthy.

Mine - Yesterday I had to make an appearance for work. Then I was going to have an hour of dead time and follow that up with a trip to the doctor. I realized I was not going to be able to put in my full workout. (Because it would have me being too active too late in the day and I need my rest. Sleep is very important, more on that in yet another post.)

I couldn't do it all before the appointment either. So, I split it up. I did my cardio between the appearance and the doctor. After the doctor I went back for my weights. I got it all in, without pulling a groin muscle.

My guy friend - He has no time before work, because of kids. He has no time after work, you guessed it, because of kids. That leaves the work day and that's exactly what he does - he works out during business hours.

Sometimes it's stairs twice a day during those magic 15 minutes breaks that draw far too many to the junk food machines. Sometimes he uses those as time for abs or weights he keeps in his office. He just shuts the door and goes at it. On those days, he uses his lunch hour to run or heads to the gym down the street for their 30 minute express cardio class, meant for people like him.

Then he and his wife share duties on Saturday and Sunday. Each gets to take two hours one of those days to do something physical, while the other watches the kids.

Now, don't get the wrong impression, he eats. He's a big guy, 6' 3", he has to eat. He just keeps easy, eat at your desk between calls, foods in his office. He still manages to easily take his (fit man only) 2500 calories a day.

So, you see, you do have time. It's just a matter of whether you are willing to make you a priority in your own life. I guarantee you, if you don't, your body will force you. Illness is bread in inactivity.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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