Saturday, April 12, 2008

A little braggin' - About my family

Family notes of the day that make me feel so lucky:

- I have noted before that my sister-in-law Annette is awesome. Today she was awesome in the race I was supposed to run - the AIDS Run/Walk. She finished in 34:05! That's despite the miserable and yes - snowy! conditions at race time. Congratulations Net!

- My nephew is brilliant. I know, I have said this before (and will again and again). But yesterday we were able to hang out for the afternoon and then go to a movie. We went to Barnes & Noble and had a treat and read books. He read half, I read half. Then we went to see "Nim's Island" - it was so much fun! About five minutes into the movie Caelen recognized that the island had a volcano on it. He leans over and says, "Auntie, is that a volcano?" "Yep." "It's going to erupt." "I don't know baby, I haven't seen the movie." "No, Auntie it is, you'll see." LOL. He hadn't read the book yet, or seen the film. But he had already deduced that if they were making a point of having a volcano, at some point it would blow. You see - brilliant!

Side review: I highly recommend the movie. It is a great adventure for kids and there were only three kind of scary parts. My 4.5 year old nephew weathered them just fine. The part that bothered him most is when the dad disappeared at sea. But the film's (and book's) theme of "Be the hero of your own story", really resonated with me. Abigail Breslin is wonderful, quite the actress already. Jodie Foster is so funny, I love when she does comedy, "Maverick" is one of my favorite westerns because of her. And Gerard Butler is dead sexy! It doesn't matter whether he is the adventurer or the amazing dad trying to return to his daughter, he is so handsome and fun. It's just a bonus that he can act!

- My mom and step-dad. Parents can drive you crazy, they're family, it's there job. But mine have been very supportive during this whole journey of mine so far. Today they were supportive of my job and came to see me at a remote at the Boomer Expo. Then they took me to lunch at Lucca. I am very lucky.

There you go, it's blatant, I am proud and I love them (and all of the others) very much and that's one of those good for my mental health kind of things.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Your support is awesome!