Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Before and After Pictures

While I believe my body will always be in a state of change. The bulk of the weight loss is done. I am down to taking off the last few pounds of fat, piling on some muscle and lamenting the leftover skin.

Some days, like everyone, I struggle to eat right or be truly motivated for my cardio. Usually on those days I am also deflated by the fact that - though I have been busting my butt (literally) for the past almost 21 months - I still do not look like a model.

Now common sense girl knows better. I will never look like a model, my body simply isn't made to be that willowy, lightly muscled waif thing. 9.9 out of every 10 days, I am glad. Hell, I like my breasts and my curves. It's taken me a long time to come to respect them and now that I do, I don't want to give them up. It's just every once in a while I get down on myself and think I have not come far enough.

That's why I am glad, when I was looking for inspiration on Sunday, I bumped across Jessica's blog. On there is a software tool that allows you to put in your before and after weight and get computer generated pictures. It even allows you to adjust hair, skin, nose size and more so it better resembles you.

Since I don't really have actual before and after pics, much to everyone's disdain (including mine) this is a nice alternative. Besides, you wouldn't have caught me dead in a swimsuit when I actually weighed 260 pounds!

So here you go - me at 260 in July 2006 and me now at 150 in 2008.

You can do yours at Prevention Magazine.

From now on, when I think I need to be more perfect, I will look at this post as a reminder of how far I have come and give respect where it is due.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

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