Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lunch with an old friend

I met up with my friend Brendan today. He is one of my all time favorite people. He's one of my guy friends who is happily married, intelligent as hell and of course sexy. I don't specifically want him, but if I could clone him, (or my friend Ben) I would do it in a heart beat.

Brendan always energizes me. We have amazing discussions about life and politics. Today we had one about health, food and fitness. Brendan is very versed in what you should and shouldn't put in your body and why. He's raising his kids to be that way as well, which I really respect.

He and I haven't really talked since I lost the weight. So he was curious, as everyone always is, about how I did it. I told him - slowly making changes that are a lifestyle and forever. I will not go back and no one can make me. (But me.) And I just won't.

Brendan was great and supportive and impressed. I was flattered, appreciative and loved my lunch more than usual. Old friends are the best friends. (Especially for your ego.)

Yours in (mental) health, Kate


  1. Glad you had a good lunch!

    I sometimes get bugged when people ask the "how I did it" question. They really want an easy answer, like, "I added flax seed oil to my diet and stretched for 5 minutes in the morning, and changed nothing else." They really seem disappointed to find out I fought (and continue to fight) for every pound by tracking every mouthful and spending a good chunk of my time sweating at the gym.

  2. While Brendan definitely isn't one of those people. (Actually we talked nutrition and exercise and how it's a lifestyle. He's very savvy.)

    I know what you mean. That's why I preference every explanation for a new person with, "You don't want to know, it's not what you want to hear..."

    Then I give the, "I changed my lifestyle, I eat right and exercise." answer and they always look a little dejected. Then of course I say, "Anyone can do it, it's all about choices." And that's when I get the "that's a load of b.s. look.

    That's my favorite part, because if they want pictures, I think I have one or two to prove my point. :)