Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running Shoes and Concrete Floors

Just a note - the best running shoes in the world will not offset concrete floors at the end of a 13 hour day. Naturally, I am one of the few fools who knows this. On Saturday I helped manage a convention at Valley High School, so I didn't get to workout.

But that's weirdly o.k. because from the moment I walked in the door at 8 a.m. to the moment I walked out the door at 9 p.m., I was moving. My job at conventions is always three fold - a. put out fires, b. organize chaos, c. delegate and direct. Oh wait, make that four fold - d. do it my damn self when c doesn't work.

If you think I am complaining, oddly, I am not. I actually enjoy days like Saturday, it's an adrenaline rush to continually have to keep a line on a million swirling parts. And when everyone walks away under their own power, tired, but on their own, you have been successful.

But at the end of that 13 hours I was wiped. My every joint hurt from walking and/or running in too small a space on too hard a floor. I have no idea how I organized these things when I weighed 260 pounds. I did though. It's amazing how passion can so easily override good sense. ;)

On Sunday I was still too exhausted and sore to get to the gym, so I took another day off. That meant three days out of the gym. I felt guilty, still do.

Oh well, I went back yesterday and hit it hard. Today I have already done walking club once at noon. I am going to walk home now and do some strength stuff and then take a run. Then I will come back to see if anyone is going to do walking club at 5:30. And so, I am back on track, with my running shoes on concrete streets.

Your in fitness, Kate

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