Wednesday, August 27, 2008


All last winter and spring I was freezing. Constantly cold, hands like ice, people thought it was freakish.

This summer I evened out a bit and spent most of the time feeling just right. I thought my body had finally caught up with the changes and had reset my internal HVAC system. They say that has to happen after a major weight loss. Think again.

The last week it has been slowly cooling down in Iowa. Not really during the day, we are still in the 80's then, but at night we are dipping into the upper 50's. My idea of a perfect day is sunny and 75 during the day, clear and 55 a night, so this should make me pretty happy. Only one problem, I'm cold again.

Yesterday I had to borrow a jacket from Laurie in the sales department to walk down to Starbuck's. Right now I am typing in between bouts of rubbing my arms to remove goose bumps. And I am thinking about how I am going to get my coffee, because it is too cool to walk to Starbuck's - again.

I guess this weekend the one purchase I will make is a fall jacket. I don't actually own one. I put it off to see how much I was going to lose. I think I am in the range where I will end up settling. Plus, with my ample breasts and broad shoulders, I don't think anything less than a large will do.

Before you think I am complaining - ie. stupid woman griping about losing weight and now she's {whine} cold. I am not, I just wanted you to know, there are many sides to losing weight, some more surprising than others.

Yours in health, Kate

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  1. I totally relate. One of the reasons I picked Vegas for vacation is that I know it will be wonderfully hot!