Saturday, August 2, 2008

Training with Traci

I apologize, once again, for being too busy to post yesterday. In a week that was supposed to be about a reboot, I ran aground twice with no posts. Oh well, just like with getting healthier, if you have a misstep, get up and go again.

Yesterday I was busy with a project at work, but then had to get to the gym to train with Traci. I love training with her. She knows that I am one of her clients she can challenge, so she always cranks things up a notch and makes them fun. She also throws in some damn tough stuff, just to make sure I whine.

My whining at some point is her goal. She likes it when I have to stop. I think it's her way of being assured I haven't outgrown her. I haven't said this to her, but if she keeps her continuing ed going and continues to research as veraciously as she does about the latest techniques, she will easily stay ahead of me.

Yesterday's session was a combination of a lot of core and cardio. Though she did it in a very interesting way. I warmed up with a walk. Then it was on to 90 seconds of core, then 60 seconds of jumping rope, then 90 seconds of core/upper body, 60 seconds of jumping rope and so on. She didn't add correctly, so we came up at 45 minutes, at that point she added another couple of rounds she created on the spot.

We also played with the hula hoops. Fitness World West has some really innovative classes - Hula-Fit Mix, Workout Recess, Bootcamp x2 and more. I haven't actually taken the Hula class because I didn't think I could hula hoop. I tried a couple of years ago for Caelen and humiliated myself. I was too fat and had no waist, hard to maintain hula height then.

But yesterday since we had time to kill and hula-fit is good cardio and core, I decided to give it a try. It was a blast! I forgot how much fun it was. Plus, these are specially weighted hula hoops, so they really make you work. I don't know if I am going to take the class, because it's too late in the evening for me. (Darn that getting up in the middle of the night.) But I know I am going to go steal use of one again today.

Anyway, I will be training with Traci every two weeks for the next two months. I have a new short-term goal to meet. I will tell you what that is on Tuesday.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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