Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going Old School

Today I headed out of the front door of my office at 2 p.m. I had no real destination, just away from my office. I had my workout gear on and my mp3 player rockin'. The big question - would I walk or run?

I went for walk. In fact I went for a loooong walk. I hit the four mile mark when I realized I had forgotten an eye appointment. So I booked it for the appointment and walked in sweaty, but on time.

Afterward, I walked back to work. All in all nearly 6 miles of walking. I haven't done that in a loooong time. Very old school. Very 17 months ago. Very fun.

Tomorrow, I will finally tell you why I have a new short term goal with an honest to god deadline - September 27th.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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