Monday, August 25, 2008

From the beginning... Enjoy the weather

It is disgustingly nice outside today. The kind of nice that begs the question, "What the hell are you still doing behind the computer?" Well, I am blogging, but I swear it will be short because the outdoors are waiting for me.

That's my tip I learned early on - if it's nice, get outside. Not only will it help keep you from being bored (the scenery changes constantly) but fresh air and sun are your friends. Fresh air help you learn to breath deeper, because it's clean and your lungs want more.

The sun is your friend, but so is sunscreen. You can still get the vitamin D your body needs from the sun with sunscreen on. That vitamin D is good for your heart, helps your body absorb calcium and helps you have strong bones, teeth, etc.

Plus I find two things are true of my workouts outside - I push myself harder and they tend to last longer. I think that's because, when it's 75 degrees and sunny - like it is right now - who doesn't want to be healthy and active.

Yours in health, Kate

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