Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a Blur

Last Wednesday I had a swimming lesson with coach Kelli. I finished up my lessons on Monday. I am now substantially more proficient at being in a pool. It is simply a matter of practice, practice to work my way toward a mini-triathlon next year. In the meantime, this winter, I will try my gym's indoor tri.

But again, to last Wednesday - I forgot my goggles. Not the world's biggest deal, I had forgotten them before. We were working on turns and I was trying to figure out where the wall was when I went under water, so I had my eyes open often. I've done this before again, no big deal. I did note to Kelli that my eyes were stinging more than usual and that the water tasted worse than ever (still working on that breathing thing), but I didn't think anything of it.

When I got out of the pool and headed toward the showers, I noticed that things were foggy. It was humid, I thought maybe the pool and shower area had steamed up. But when I went to get out of the shower, I realized it was more than steam. The chemicals had burned my eyes.

Things were so blurry and foggy it was making me dizzy. If I could read anything it was double. I had a little panic attack, something that hasn't happened since I lost all of the weight. There are two things I need for my job - my eyes to read and my voice to speak.

I mentioned the problem when I got upstairs, turns out they were treating the pool with some especially harsh chemicals. I told the trainer in charge that it was bad and he said sorry, but the pool had to be treated. (He wasn't really any more apologetic on Monday when I told him I had to go to the eye doctor, that was a little frustrating.)

That afternoon, I got eye drops, they didn't really help. I had Lori get me eye wash, that's when things began to clear up a little. By the next day things were better, but not perfect. I went to the eye doctor. She said I had gotten lucky and things were going to be o.k., but not to forget my goggles. She also said they need to put up a sign when they are going to 'shock' the pool, so they don't get sued. (That suggestion at the gym got me a blank stare.)

So, what have I learned? You buy equipment for a reason - remember it and use it.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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