Friday, August 8, 2008

Walk from Obesity

(As promised yesterday...)

My short-term goal is to get my body fat within striking distance of a maintenance point before September 27th. Why? So I don't end up feeling like a big hypocrite when I go speak at the "Walk from Obesity".

I was invited some months ago to speak at this annual walk. It acts as a fundraiser/ educational event to help people who suffer from obesity. It's a chance for overweight people to come together and find another way to live. It is sponsored by the bariatrics department at Iowa Health, so they talk a lot about bypass surgeries. But they also talk about other options, including the one I took.

I interviewed the organizers last year before the walk for a talk show I do called "Information Iowa". I was very skeptical because I was concerned it was one big commercial for surgery. I consider bypass and lap band procedures to be the absolute, unequivocal, LAST resort for people. I want proof from anyone who claims to have 'tried to lose weight a million times' really has before they face going under a knife and possibly dying.

So when they invited me to speak, I was humbled and flattered and jumped immediately. Not because I like having my ego fed, but because this is a chance to do what I have made part of my mission since having success in weight loss - inspire others.

However, as I get ready to head to the Iowa State Fair for what will be my "off" day this week, I am facing the fact that I have not been as diligent as I need to be. My healthy eating has been held down by too much sugar and fat for several months now. I still eat the healthy things and workout, but I could be rid of the remaining fat if I would stay out of the cookies.

So, I have set a schedule to meet with trainer Traci every two weeks between now and the end of September. I am making the effort to put in longer workouts. I will get near 19% body fat by the walk. Then I will maintain it.

At that point I will feel like I can stand before a hundreds of people and talk about my recovery from obesity. I can tell my story and not feel like a liar. I tell people to eat healthy and know that I have rededicated myself. I can Walk from Obesity too.

Yours in health, Kate


  1. Thanks for the information on obesity, Kate. taht sounds like a great walk! If I lived close enough, I'd go...

    We recently wrote an article on obesity trends at Brain Blogger. Did you know that two-thirds of America is overweight? We can always blame ourselves for this sort of thing, but could it be more? Could the destruction of neighborhoods for retail stores play a part?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


  2. You rock!

    But why 19% body fat? 20% isn't obese. You have walked away from obesity already.

  3. Actually my body fat has crept back up a bit, not a lot just a few pounds that don't belong here. So, I have work to do. Almost exclusively with regards to food.

    Thanks for saying I walked away from obesity. but I really do feel more like I am 'recovering' from obesity. Like with alcohol, you never fully recover, it's a daily struggle.