Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get Outside

I know I preached about making the most of good weather yesterday, but dang, it was so nice. I just starting walking, then running. I didn't have a plan, I just stepped out the door at work and went.

The next thing you know I am down at Principal Park (Home of the division winning Iowa Cubs!) and I decide to make the turn to Gray's Lake. I've mentioned before that the lake is this precious jewel in the middle of my very urban city, but today it was especially cool.

As I ran through the park there were butterflies everywhere working their way through the freshly regrown brush. The park was, as usual, overrun by water during June's floods. It was left devastated and filthy. The Des Moines Parks and Rec employees and countless volunteers have brought it back in an amazing way.

Well, the butterflies were joined by a myriad of grasshoppers. The birds were singing, the crickets creaking and the water bright blue from the reflection of the sky. I stopped a couple of times, just to take it all in. The coolest thing was the blue heron I saw. He was just standing in shallow river water near the other bank of the Raccoon River. In fact I have never seen a blue heron that was so blue. I stood and watch him for a few minutes while he preened and caught bugs, I loved it.

Today looks to be perfect again and while I had vowed not to run two days in a row, I can't imagine not taking advantage of the weather. Especially since it's my parents anniversary. Why is that significant? Because that means it's August 26th, just a few days from September. The earliest recorded snowfall in state history happened in September! LOL. Probably not this year, but still, got to make the most of it.

I'm gonna get outside again. Not just because it's nice, but as you can see from above, it's also a nice mental break.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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