Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - It's what you know

Along my journey to health I have made it my daily goal to learn something new about nutrition and something new about fitness. One man and two magazines have made it really easy. David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief and his two magazines - Women's Health Magazine and Men's Health Magazine.

Zinczenko is a prolific writer who has produced several books, not the least of which is "The Abs Diet" and "Eat This, Not That". I think I have blogged about both at some point. David is a no nonsense guy when it comes to eating right and exercising. He doesn't have a fad or pill to sell you, he has magazines.

In those magazines you will find facts, exercises, recipes and ideas. When a new product that comes on the market that might be helpful, you'll find that. On the other hand you will find they call b.s. when they see it with new products, research and 'quick cures'.

The overwhelming theme of the periodicals is - as their name says - health. David seems obsessed with it and I couldn't be more grateful. While I don't get all of my info from them, (because there are millions of sources out there) they are a great jumping off point.

So, whether you are looking to be inspired by a great weight loss story, a new way to cook chicken, an ab move that works wonders or a new medical fact - these are three great sources for that inspiration.

Yours in health, Kate

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