Thursday, August 28, 2008


My car is having issues - AGAIN. So yesterday when I needed to get to a meeting of our entire radio group, I parked my car and ran. Luckily it's very low key because five minutes into my run the temperature went up five degrees and the humidity about 30%. By the time I arrived at the Botanical Center, I was soaked.

I toweled off as best I could in the bathroom. Sat through the meeting. Had a couple of crackers/cheese and some fruit at the social hour and then headed back out the door.

I intended to walk up to Grand Avenue and grab the trolley to 15th and then walk the last 10 minutes home. The trolley was nowhere to be seen, so I just started walking. About three blocks in I decided to say forget the trolley and just keep walking - goodness knows I need the exercise.

However, just as I had left the Bot Center the sun came up and half way through the walk the humidity nearly over ran me. The next thing you know, I am literally soaked. By the time I got home my workout clothes were sopping and my hair looked like I put it in a bucket of water.

And at the moment I was peeling my shirt off I had the same thought we all do - "Why can't you actually sweat your butt off?" Because I guarantee mine would have been pooled on the floor.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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