Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes, but can you run it off?

So, I went on that little, "You can't walk it off" rant about the Iowa State Fair the other day. I stand by it because the average person is not getting anywhere near 'burning off' speed when it comes to walking the fairgrounds.

On the other hand, today I went to the fair again. This time I trollied from work to the state capitol. Then I ran from the capitol to the fairgrounds - 2.88 miles according to Mapquest. I ran it in 25 minutes, which is 8.68 minutes per mile. That all equates into about 347 calories being burned.

Then at the state fair I splurged and had a caramel apple. (Stress the apple to make me feel better.) That's about 330 calories. (Damn that caramel.) Therefore I immediately wasted what I had just done. Sad but true.

But wait, Kate reprieves herself by the way she got back to the office. I took the shuttle back to the capitol, because the sidewalks suck on East Grand or honestly I would have run back. Then I ran from the capitol back to my office, 2.10 miles in about 18 minutes. That equates to about 250 more calories burned. Phew, dodged that bullet. :)

Tee-hee. I am a naughty monkey.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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