Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cram it In

Thursday was quite a day. I am the news director for the Des Moines Radio Group. There was a complicated double murder and hostage situation. It was my job to get out on the scene and get the facts. Some (happily) ace reporting on my part got the straight story on the air before anyone else AND I didn't have to correct anything because I got it right the first time.

However the day unfurled with me standing on the scene for two and a half hours. Then it was off to a couple of meetings. Then I returned to go out to the State Fair to do an interview and found an e-mail telling me there was a press conference to wrap up the morning. At that moment I knew that working out was now unrealistic.

"Oh but wait, I can cram it in." And I did. I was at home, so I decided to walk the .8 miles to the station. Then I trollied to within three blocks of the police station and walked to the press conference. I covered the story and then walked the 1.5 miles back to the station. I used the time to listen back to the press briefing and pick out my quotes. So I multi-tasked my work and health. Damn, I'm good. (Anyone got a pin, my egos clogging up the room. ;) )

After I edited the sound bites, I walked home. In all about 3 miles. Not bad considering I wasn't going to get anything in yesterday. The only casualty was my nice shirt I was wearing. By the time I walked home I had pitted it out, but hey, that's what Tide is for.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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