Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I LOVE Boxing!

I hit the YMCA Healthy Living Center to workout with Gwyn today.  Did I mention she rocks?  :)

She had me beating the heavy bag again, it's always a great release.  Tons of sweat, thumping, anger and heavy breathing rolled into something constructive.  She keeps telling her son he would like it - she's right.  Imagine teenage aggression channeled!

That's why the Des Moines Police Department has had great success with their boxing club.  It takes kids off the streets and away from senseless violence and gives them a way to put their fists to real use.  It's really too bad that budget cuts have caused them to have to cut the program.  Some great company like Everlast or Coca-Cola (Gatorade) should sponsor the program and ask for naming rights. (Just sayin'.)

As for me, my arms end up like jell-o and my heart races, I never have to wonder if I have 'worked' - oh, I have worked!  The only real problem for me is my kicking.  I am getting into that part because my knee is handling more output, but my hips are another story.  Gwyn had me try side kicks today - um, no.

My hip flexors are so tight I thought I was going to rip something.  I tried the right leg too, thinking the left was the only problem because of my knee - um, no.  It didn't put me in as much pain as the left, but it still got really cranky.  The left side is still sore.  So, when I go to PT with Kristi next week, I will have to talk to her about that.

And about my left shoulder.  LOL.  It's always my left, if anyone can explain that, please do.  My left shoulder has some kind of connector on the top that just feels like a knife is going through it depending on what I am doing.  Push-ups are okay, unless I have down arm raises first.  Today it was keeping my arms up for jabs that started the pain.  Yes, half the time I feel like a broken toy.  :0

But that said, I won't let these measly pains stop me, there is much work to be done and I am up to the task.

Yours in Health,

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