Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekend is Over - Darn it

I woke up this morning just exhausted.  Basically one of those days that an IV of coffee wouldn't have been out of the question.  Now, I just ate a ton of broccoli for lunch (Lori would approve) and I am swelling like it's Thanksgiving - you can have too much of a good thing.  ;)

Anyway, the breakdown of the weekend:

I worked Saturday morning and then headed to the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  My muscles were beginning to ache from mowing the lawn on Thursday night and I knew I needed to stretch them out.  So I did a water workout.  This is when I realized that my right foot was hurting on the outside because I made the mistake of putting the mower at an awkward angle in an attempt to make the lawn look nicer on the hill.  That's a big joke because really the 'lawn' is just clover, creeping charlie and a hand full of grass blades that valiantly sprouted from spring seeding.  Which, of course, explains why, by yesterday morning it looked like it needed to be mowed AGAIN.  Ah, spring in Iowa.

Then on Saturday I went to my grandmother's to help her move pictures from her desktop computer to her new lap top.  Grandma is 81 and one of my biggest inspirations.  She is forever on the go with my grandfather.  When I call, I never know where she will be - Arizona, Missouri, South Dakota - she has places to go, hence the new lap top.  I am going to be just as go-go at her age!

On Saturday night it was Wine Fest.  I ate way too much cheese, but took it easier on the wine because you can easily dump what you don't like and I liked very little of what I tried.  But it was a good experiment to find out what I do like so that I don't waste calories. (That's what I told myself.  :)   )  I did find a new favorite, I like sweet and white and it's called Risque, it's sparkly too!  Also I was reminded that red wine is bad for Kate. 

I took four drinks of a glass of red, it was really good and then promptly broke out in flop sweat.  I was like, "Man, it's really humid in here." And then I looked at Lori and she was fine.  She said, "Remember, red wine makes you sweat."  I had totally forgotten the 'sweat through my clothes' incident at the Naturally 7 show.  Ugh.  Thank goodness we were able to go outside in the breeze so I could dry out!

Yesterday, no drinking, just lots of work and one chocolate chip cookie.  I was working an event at a church and the little ladies really wanted me to eat.  I said no thank you, which didn't go over that well.  So, then they came with the second round offer and they got one past me - homemade chocolate chip cookies - now that's a weakness.  But I split it with Shelley from Sales, so it wasn't as bad.

Then for dinner last night it was veggie burgers, potatoes from the farmers market and the first corn of the season from Indiana.  I know, that's wrong (not being from Iowa), but Lori bought it and I couldn't help it.  Sweet corn on the cob is one of the things that makes it okay that I have to sweat my butt off every summer.  :)

Well, I better go, enjoy your day!

Yours in Health,

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