Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Coat of Paint & The Weekend

First, how do you like the new look of the blog?  I am gleeful!  Blogger has introduced a new tool to help create templates that are beautiful, not generic, I love it.  The new look is a much better reflection of what "Get Healthy with Kate Garner" is all about.  And now on to just that...

Friday, as I mentioned, I took the day off.  I slept in, I ate a late breakfast, I did some housework, I took a nap, I did even more housework, I had a friend over for drinks, I went to dinner with my brother and I landed back at home to relax.  It was a busy, except for the naps, fruitful day.  I kept my food relatively under control and only had one drink with my friend.

My workout on Friday was a combination of housework, stair climbing and lifting weights.  I was surprised by how trying to move quickly throughout the house actually kept my heart rate up.  By the time I hit the shower for my friend's visit I was sweaty, tired and satisfied I had worked out.

Saturday I woke up with a migraine as the storm rolled in.  I was convinced the lights flashing were in my  head until I was finally able to focus on the distant clouds, LOL.  So, I dropped four ibuprofen and snuggled back in the sheets.  When I woke up three hours later the headache was all but gone, thankfully.  Then I did a healthy breakfast, worked out with weights and dancing, went to work, ran an errand, got my hair trimmed and went to see the A-Team with my dad.  It was a fun popcorn movie, so that's what I ate - it also acted as my lunch.  Not a great choice, but I didn't add M&M's, so that must count for something.   :)

Then I checked my e-mail via phone and my day went off the rails.  I got an e-mail from a friend telling me that someone I once cared for deeply was getting married.  She even included a link to their wedding planning site - I am not a complete masochist, so I didn't look.  But the very idea hit me hard anyway.  I mean, I haven't seem him in almost two years.  I knew he would end up marrying this woman.  I don't have overt feelings for him anymore and yet, there was that pang.

I know there were a couple of factors at play - 1. 'There goes another person getting married before me' and 2. The standing self-worth issue of 'why am I alone'.  Rather than suffer with the memories and pain they brought up, I ate.  That's what emotional eaters do.  Rather than feel the pain or anger or frustration, we eat.  I went straight to a favorite barbecue joint, got my favorite sandwich, sweet potato fries and went home to stuff it down. 

I made myself sick.  I never eat that much in one sitting anymore and I knew I was going to feel like I needed to puke when I got done.  So, I stuffed it down faster than my body could register the load.  A few minutes after I finished, my body bloated and I was miserable.  Not only physically miserable, but emotionally miserable.  I was angry with myself for once again letting someone else's actions make me self-destructive.  Rather than go for a walk or play another game of my favorite food distraction (Bejeweled) I fell back to my old friend food.  It was pathetic.

And there it is, the last of beating myself up for faltering with food and emotions.  I have to let this incident go.  If I continue to harp on myself or drag this out, it will only cause more binging.  My self-flagellation will only encourage me to get depressed and thereby eat ice cream to assuage those feelings - the circle would just keep spinning.

Instead, it's Sunday and I begin again with more knowledge about myself than I had yesterday and that is what I need most.  I need to recognize the problem, deal with it and move forward, not look back.  So, today I have had my oatmeal and coffee and now I am craving a salad for lunch.  I think it's my body asking for a detente, I will oblige.  In fact, the remainder of the day only holds healthy options as I work my way to a funeral and then on to doing laundry and then to a new week.

Yours in Health,


  1. I like the new design! Also, I completely understand your feelings after the news of the engagement. I get those same feelings when I hear news like that. :(

  2. Have you tried Excedrin Migraine? If you take it right when symptoms start, it works wonders.

    Also, I totally would have checked out the wedding webpage, but good for you for not.

  3. WG - Thanks, it's universal isn't it?

    Annette - I LOVE Excedrin Migraine, but I was hoping to get a couple more hours sleep and the caffeine would have made me get up. :) As for the webpage, it took will power I didn't know I had. LOL.