Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday - Friday

I am actually taking a personal day tomorrow.  I have not had a day off in weeks and my mind and body are telling me this must happen, so I will listen.  That meant today I was trying to work ahead and I am just getting to leave work, so there was no workout today.

I would go do it now, but I have to pick-up a prescription and then go to my friend Chris's Mom's funeral.  By the time I finish with that the day will be gone.

But the good thing is tomorrow I will have time for me and get in a really solid workout.  I will also have time to relax and not stress eat.  The last two days have been bad.  Yesterday I was able to distract myself.  Today the animosity in the building built up to the point I ate a donut and three slices of thin crust pizza. It was ugly.  But all I can really do is forgive myself, learn from it and practice or find new coping methods. 

Anyway I better go get my errand done before the funeral.

Yours in Health,

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