Monday, June 14, 2010

Mmm... Soup

I started my day with a very upset digestive system.  But I don't have time to be sick. ;)  So I kept plowing forward, came to work and then on to my workout with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.

I love working out with Gwyn.  The whole idea behind a trainer is that they push you harder than you would push yourself AND they teach you new things.  I walk away from every session sweaty, exhausted and excited.  Not only do I know I had a real workout, I now have new tricks for the days I train on my own.

Today was no exception, so when I was done showering up - a mega necessity on this humid day - I was hungry!  I have learned in Intuitive Eating class at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center with dietitian Katie, that I need to stop and listen to my body when I feel like I am 'starving'.  (Reminder, very few people in this country actually starve and I am definitely not one of them.)

I realized I wanted something warm, not cold.  In fact, I am noticing cooked items satisfy me much more than things straight from the fridge, which is good knowledge to have.  The myriad of restaurants within arms reach of the HLC went through my head and then it hit me, Panera.  Panera has always been a fall back for me when it comes to eating healthy.

I'll be the first to admit many of their sandwiches are not so goo because of their toppings, but they have recently started allowing people have to their sandwiches their way, so you can take off the extra.  Yet, it's not the sandwiches I crave, it's the soup.  I love soup.  It is nourishing and comforting and even when my tummy is running amok, I can usually depend on soup.

And at Panera, I have a new favorite.  With the exception of the sodium level in this sucker it is pretty darn good for you.  It is a new fall back post workout - it has protein, a little fat, some carbs and yes, some sodium.  You can see the picture of the nutrition breakdown below - you can click on it to make it easier to read.  Another favorite is the black bean.

Well, I better go, work won't do itself and I have to get out the door on time for IE class.

Yours in Health,

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